Go Big or Go HARD

Im Angel, most people know me as GoHardAngel feel free to find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Im from Mass living outside of Boston. Snowboarding and graphic design are my favorite things to do. any further questions just tap that ask.

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//Joe Sexton, Oslo Norway

// photo credit: Darrell Mathes


Danny Larsen, Oslo Norway
Photo: Darrell Mathes
LDOH was yesterday at Blue Hills, definitely the best season by far. Ended the season building a insane hip. Thanks to a great season @jacksoncallahan1233 @lesbohnson @souper96 @pimentallyretarded @genebeanpheind @bluehillsterrainpark  @chrisbarajas1 #selfie #shredma #snowboarding  (at Blue Hills Ski Area)